Agenda 09.01.24

Agendas Uploaded on January 4, 2024


01.23/24.01    Apologies for absence and to consider reasons given

1.1          Council to receive apologies for absence and, if appropriate, to resolve to approve the reasons given.


01.23/24.02    Declarations of Interest and Dispensations

2.1          Members to declare any interest they may have in agenda items in accordance with the Council’s Code of Conduct.

2.2          To receive written requests for dispensation for disclosable pecuniary interests.

  • To grant any dispensation as appropriate.

01.23/24.03    Minutes of the previous meeting held

  •       To confirm and sign as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 12th December 2023


01.23/24.04    Report by County Councillors


01.23/24.05    Planning Applications for consideration

Nothing to report.


01.23/24.05    Finances                                                                                             

5.1          To agree schedule of payments as indicated below:



5.2           Financial Update including cashbook figure as at 31.12.23 £34301.85

5.3           Precept request complete


01.23/24.06    Reports

6.1          Chairman’s Report including future meeting venue

6.2          Highways (FN)

  • Communications (MF)

6.4          Recreation Ground (WS/JK)

  •  Play Patch (JK)
  • Footpaths (LS)
  • Biodiversity Officers (LS MF)

6.8          Dovecote – Progress update


01.23/24.07    Network Rail update (MF)


01.23/24.08    Other business referred to the Clerk


01.23/24.09    Date of next meeting

9.1          February meeting 13th