Your Precept Explained 2023 /24

Precept Explained

The Parish Council must set a precept every year.  This is money that will fund the needs of the village such as bins, grass cutting etc and also pay for administration needs of the council.

This year the Council has looked at various factors when setting a precept, obviously focusing in on the needs of the village as a whole but also considering the current rate of inflation, the impact of the cost of living but also the realisation that we are in a fortunate position of having some reserve monies and an income stream from the Distgen turbine.  Whilst some of the reserves are earmarked for projects in the village, we have the opportunity of releasing some monies to the community as a grant scheme which we urge community groups to apply for.

Our precept for the Financial Year 2023/24 will be £10274 this is an increase of £299 on last year.  This will mean an £1.85 increase per annum on a Band D property taking the annual cost from £61.34 to £63.19.

Those groups interested in the grant scheme can find further information on our policies section of the website.

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