Minutes of Full Council 15th June 2022

Minutes Uploaded on January 31, 2023


Of Witham Friary Parish Council

Held on Tuesday 15th June at Witham Friary Village Hall  


Present:                                Chair W Sheppard, Cllrs J Knowles, F Nicholls, L Sewell


Also Present:                       J Gregory Proper Officer, plus 4 members of the public


06.22/23.01         Apologies for absence

Cllrs Brooke and Ferrari gave apologies sighting prior engagements for tonight

                                Resolved:  Apologies accepted from Cllrs Brooke and Ferrari for the circumstances noted.


06.22/23.02         Declarations of Interest

Members were asked to advise any Declarations of interest in today’s agenda items or any pecuniary interests in line with Councils’ Code of Conduct.

                                Resolved: It was noted that no declarations, pecuniary or otherwise were received.


06.22/23.03         Minutes of the Previous Meeting

To receive the minutes of the meeting held 10th May 2022 05/22/10 noting item 6 should refer to Cllr Sewell not Powell

Resolved:  Amendments to be made and would be signed by the Chairman as a correct record at the next meeting


06.22/23.04         Matters Arising



Public Participation

There had been some dog walking on the recreation field with the owner being quite intimidatory when challenged it was suggested that larger signage be considered, the Clerk would add to July agenda for formal discussion at the next meeting


There was no paper attached to agenda item 05.22/23 11.4 “future website options” and the Clerk stated that Councillors had received this for discussion tonight.  Cllr Nicholls had not received this.


There had been rumours regarding Long Ham and its usage including talks of using as a wetland and changes to drainage so members asked what was going on.  The Parish Council were aware of the purchase by Selwood Partnership Trust – this was a Charity looking at ecological and biodiversity issues but ultimately there was nothing the Parish Council could comment on as plans were unknown.  Cllr Brooke was the point of contact and may know more on his return but nothing had been passed to the parish Council on its future.  It would obviously be a watching brief in the meantime.


Thanks was expressed to the Clerk for representations to the PCC regarding the grass cutting and rewilding of the churchyard.   Whilst it wasn’t a council matter they did contribute to maintenance.   This issue had now been addressed and respectfully actioned with other areas left for wild flowers etc.  Cllr Sewell stated that she would be happy to have responsibility for this area of work which was agreed.


It was reported that verges around Private Road and Holt Road needed addressing.  There was an increase in the flow of traffic and verges are overgrown that you could not see around the bend. Cllr Nicholls to address in July.


06.22/23.05         Planning Applications

5.1          Update on applications from last meeting where appropriate:

2021/1430/FUL change of use from Agricultural to Equestrian – Construction of menage and 2 American barns, changes to access and installation of mobile home.

Noted : Response made reiterating previous comments


  • To consider the following planning applications:

2022/0831/HSE Proposed Erection of single storey side and rear extensions and associated alterations to dwelling, White Oak Farm, Strap Lane, North Brewham (extension applied for)

Resolved:  No objection


06.22/23.06         Finance

6.1          To present current financial statement and balance on accounts – Balance on accounts showing as £42034.90 (bank reconciliation attached)


6.2          To confirm that the reserve account funds have been transferred and account now closed


  • To agree schedule of payments as indicated below:


In addition to the above, there was a further payment to C Hortsmann for £42.75 for website work.  The payment to Hugo is unknown as the document wouldn’t open so would not be paid at present.  Cllr Knowles stated there would be an entertainment payment for the Jubilee.


06.22/23.07        Reports

  1. To receive Chairman’s Report

In the absence of Cllr Brooke, Cllr Sheppard reported on the very successful jubilee event which luckily just beat the rain!   An expression on thanks to everyone involved was made including members of the Jubilee Committee in finding a wide range of events to cater for everyone.


  1. Cllr Nicholls report on Highways

There had been an incident where a vehicle had gone through the hedge.   Driver was very apologetic and reimbursed any costs in putting right the damage.


  1. To receive Cllr Ferrari report on Communications

Not in attendance but indicated nothing to report.


  1. To receive Cllr Sheppard report on the Recreation Ground

Roy Featherstone had hopefully been in attendance today regarding advice regarding the fence behind the pump track.  The cricketers have been asked to move back the covers further from the playing area to comply with the RoSPA requirements – it was felt the RoSPA inspection had been carried out for this year and the report was awaited.  There was also the public participation  matter reference dog walkers and this appears to be increasing.


  1. To receive Cllr Knowles report on the Play Patch

Cllr Knowles stated that the RoSPA inspection last year pointed out some deterioration albeit nothing dangerous.  Some issues have been addressed but the deterioration was at a point that needed addressing and requested a £250 budget for the next six months to bring equipment up to an acceptable level.  It would include some wood replacement and capping off the end of bolts etc.

Resolved:  It was unanimously agreed a £250 budget per month for six months.



  1. To receive Cllr Sewell report on Footpaths

Cllr Sewell stated that there was nothing to report locally but that MDC were doing a lost footpath project so Cllr Brooke, Mike Gorman and herself had formed a working party to look at.


06.22/23.08         Network Rail

Nothing to report.


06.22/23.09         Witham Water

Cllr Nicholls had nothing currently to report.  Cllr Sheppard said he had missed the leaflet drop but would look to progress.


06.22/23.10         Policies and Council Documents

SALC had produced a new Councillors Code of Conduct.  After discussion regarding content and length it was agreed to keep the one we have on the website with a note for “further information to be referred to the Clerk”

Action:  Clerk to action with Website Editor


06.22/23.11         Further correspondence:

Use of Football Pitch

A request had been made by the current team using the pitch to once again use it for season 22/23.  They advised that they had a change of name to Witham Friary Youth FC as they had broken away from the Frome United club.

Resolved:  It was agreed for Witham Friary Youth FC to use the pitch with the caveats that they provide necessary insurance documentation, allow those age appropriate within the village to join the team and supply a list of fixtures and training dates.

.                               Grit Bin

The Clerk advised that a grit bin had been run over and it was the Council’s responsibility to replace if required.  Cllr Nicholls stated that the bin had been moved back to its original position but had some damage

Resolved:  Agreed not to replace at the present time as salt deliveries were being made to Cllr Nicholls for distribution in inclement weather.


Councillor Training

The Clerk reported that both new Councillors had attended some initial training provided by SALC.


Website – future plans

To be deferred to July meeting to allow Cllr Nicholls opportunity to review the paper advised by the Clerk on possibilities.


School Minibus

A resident had written to the Parish Council stated that there were 12 children planning on attending Sexey’s school next year.  This was now considered a catchment school along with Whitstone.  Whitstone school only had 1 child attend from the village and was 4 miles longer in journey.  The 12 children attending Sexey’s would not be considered for free transport yet the 1 at Whitstone would be.  Lots of facts and figures were provided but particularly noting the fact that a policy review on this area had not taken place since 2012.  After a long discussion a way forward was agreed.

Resolved:  The resident to investigate with the school possible transport options and to provide the Clerk with contact information for SCC so that representations could be made


06.22/23.08         Any other Business

It was suggested that the Clerk contact the Village Hall bookings clerk regarding bookings going forward as tonight appeared to clash with music practice making the meeting difficult.


06.22/23.09         Date of next meeting

12th July 2022


Meeting closed at 8.56pm




A signed copy of the minutes can be viewed by arrangement via the Parish Clerk.