Uploaded on April 4, 2024


To: All Members of Witham Friary Parish Council, County Councillor Clarke.

Dear Councillor

You are summoned to a full council meeting of the Witham Friary Parish Council on Tuesday 9th April 2024 7.30pm.  The meeting will be held at the Dovecote.

The meeting will consider the items set out below.


02.23/24.01    Apologies for absence and to consider reasons given.

1.1          Council to receive apologies for absence and, if appropriate, to resolve to approve the reasons given.


02.23/24.02    Declarations of Interest and Dispensations

2.1          Members to declare any interest they may have in agenda items in accordance with the Council’s Code of Conduct.

2.2          To receive written requests for dispensation for disclosable pecuniary interests.

  • To grant any dispensation as appropriate.

02.23/24.03    Minutes of the previous meeting held

  •       To confirm and sign as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 12th March 2024


02.23/24.04    Report by County Councillors


02.23/24.05    Planning Applications for consideration



02.23/24.05    Finances                                                                                             

5.1          To agree schedule of payments as indicated below:


Steve Orr £80
Witham Conker Committee Duck race sponsorship £30
Grass Valet (Aug-Oct) £705.6 inc VAT
William Sheppard (SSE refund) £188.97
PCC Church (Grant money)

Agreed 12/03/24

Quarry Hill Farming LTD (grass cutting) £120 inc VAT




5.2           Financial Update including bank balance @ 31.03.24 of £31511.84

                                               5.3           Unity Banking Signatures



02.23/24.06    Reports

6.1          Chairman’s Report (to include vacant clerk position update ,date of next meeting ,Heal concerns)

6.2          Highways (FN)

  • Communications (MF)
  • Witham water
  • Network rail

6.4          Recreation Ground (WS/JK)

  •  Play Patch (JK)
  • Footpaths (LS)
  • Biodiversity and Environment (LS MF)
  • Dovecote
  • Contingency planning
  • Village groups/organisations
  • Future Events




01.23/24.07    Other business referred to the Clerk /Chairman


01.23/24.08    Date of next meeting

Annual meeting TBC